“Vicente Wolf worked with my wife and I four years ago on the entire interior of our new construction home. During the 11-month timespan of our collaboration, he touched virtually every aspect of our construction and furnishing, from lighting plans to cabinetry to floor stain, paint colors, furnishings (of course) and even the front door hardware. The experience was remarkable: he and his team were responsive, innovative, proactive, and so very talented & savvy. Vicente is ingenious and ego-less; most people know him for his luxe interiors and don’t know what an advanced problem-solver he is in the process of creating his signature spaces. Time after time he turned an obstacle or negative in our space into a design positive. He instilled confidence at every stage, even while working with us long distance (he visited twice, during the framing phase and then for the final installation). We’d work with him again in a nanosecond and intend to the moment we have the opportunity”. 

Eric R.

Client, Chicago, Illinois

“Vicente’s work intrigues me as a designer.  He has an intuitive sense of scale and color in the spaces he designs, as well as an ability to incorporate worldly styles he’s experienced from his travels.   Since the early days of launching MILIEU magazine, Vicente has always been an avid supporter of our vision, submitting his work to be published for our readers, a true testament to his character and love for design.”
Pamela Pierce

Editor-in-Chief, Milieu

“I have known and worked closely with Vicente for almost 15 years.  That he is a remarkable artist is without question.  However, as someone focused on how creative businesses operate and thrive, I have been impressed, time and time again, with his surefooted ability to read situations and people and make decisions with confidence.  Vicente has the unique ability to understand purpose and intention and has built his business around just that. Brilliant.”  

Sean Low

The Business of Being Creative

“Vicente Wolf’s sensibility is like no other: it’s quiet yet bold, luxurious yet down to earth. His spaces are pared down and calming but don’t let that fool you — they are incredibly seductive at the same time. Wolf is a master of the mix and is able to combine different styles and eras the way a painter mixes color on a canvas to create something thoroughly original. Like great art, his interior design evokes emotion and thoroughly transforms how you feel.”

Dara Caponigro

Creative Director, F. Schumacher & Co.

Vicente Wolf’s vision, creativity, and timeless sophistication is without peer in the world of interior design. Vicente Wolf has delivered warmth, soul, and a wow factor to each of our unique projects. We depend on Vicente’s judgement and experience, and appreciate his passion for excellence, his willingness to think out of the box, and his sensitivity to our needs. He is a trusted friend of ours.”

Lauren and Craig N.

Clients, Amagansett and Scarsdale

“I’ve worked with Vicente Wolf in making my two homes and my offices havens of comfort and timeless pleasure.  After more than two decades of occupying each space, I wouldn’t change even a pillow!  I couldn’t give a higher designer recommendation to anyone.”

Clive Davis

American Music Executive and Producer

“Vicente Wolf has designed important restaurants for Wynn resorts in Las Vegas, Macau, China and Boston.  In each case they have been our most popular restaurants; designed so attractively and timeless that they have all endured beyond the days of other restaurants in their class.  Vicente and his talented team have been the most collegial professionals in forming a true partnership with both our design team at Wynn Design and Development as well as with our operations management group within Wynn Resorts.  We return to Vicente and his team as first choice when selecting restaurant design partners for our properties because of the superior results as well as their highly cooperative working methods.  Vicente Wolf Associates has earned my very highest recommendation.” – Roger P. Thomas, Executive VP of Design, Wynn Resorts, LTD“Vicente Wolf’s interiors are as fresh and original today as they were 30 years ago.  Not an easy accomplishment.”

Ralph Pucci

Ralph Pucci International