Mini Vinnie

Vicente Wolf has Cheeky Insta Fun With his Elle Décor A-List Designer DOOB

Elle Décor A-List veteran, Vicente Wolf, is honored and beyond thrilled to have again been named to the magazine’s prestigious list.  There was an added surprise to the 2018 inclusion; each of the designers received a 6” 3D likeness of themselves or DOOB.  Vicente was truly captivated with his.  “I just took it home and couldn’t stop staring at it,” Vicente exclaimed – “it looked just like me!”  With his customary wry wit, Vicente knew something had to be done with this awesome little wooden man.

Preferring to be behind the camera, not in front of the lens, the idea struck him that this guy could be his social media avatar…perfect!  Mini Vinnie was born.  Beginning on June 15th Mini Vinnie has made Instagram appearances among Vicente Wolf’s eye-catching interiors and exuberant photos of his exotic world travels.  Dropping into a swanky Hamptons party or checking out his collection at VW Home – from the inside of a Buddha hand, who can tell what mischief this impish little guy will be up to next?

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