Interior Design Solutions: The Use of Texture Course

Vicente Wolf interior design texture living room


One thing about me is that I love teaching. I am giving the second of two courses with the 92nd Street Y on Wednesday, April 19th at 1 PM, Interior Design Solutions – The Use of Texture. It includes images and videos from different job sites, and I will be talking about how to bring different dimensions to your home through pattern and textures. I hope you can all join me.


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Deep Dive with Dara

Vicente continues to amaze as he defines and describes his creative process for interiors.  In a webinar hosted by DARA CAPONIGRO, the well-regarded Creative Director for F. Schumacher & Co and former Editor-in-Chief of Veranda and before that, Founding Editor of Domino who also held several senior editorial posts and House Beautiful and Elle Décor magazines, Vicente shares his interior design secrets.  This Deep Dive with Dara webinar examines how Vicente conceptualizes furniture layouts with architectural alterations he has developed in floorplans.

Vicente Wolf Was Honored to Speak at The PPG Puerto Rico Pro Summit

With the PPG Booth and Materials Featuring His Work

Vicente side by side with his banner at the PPG color booth at PPG Puerto Rico Pro Summit

Vicente side by side with his banner at the PPG color booth at PPG Puerto Rico Pro Summit

PPG Paint spokesperson, New York-based designer, Vicente Wolf is always thrilled to talk about the impact of color. On August 22. 2019, he brought the conversation of color to a receptive audience of professionals for Continued Education Credits at PPG’s Puerto Rico Pro Summit in San Juan. The architects, interior designers, contractors and engineers were delighted to hear Vicente’s philosophy on color, trends and how his experiences traveling the world influence his concept of color in his own interior design process. At the event Vicente had the opportunity to connect with the invitees and present the colors he chose for his PPG color palette and color tools. View PPG articles on his own philosophy on color in his own interior projects.

“It was great to be able to talk to designers, especially to fellow Latinos, about the strengths, quality and choices that one has with PPG,” stated Vicente. Sharing his years of experience in the world of color, lively conversations about strong vs. soft hues, saturated vs. less intense and how light affects the experience of color were dissected. He went on to say “Always, when you’re dealing with Caribbean light, colors take on a different perspective than the way they do here in the North East.” The sea and joyous spirit of the island cultures also influences color selections. Hence, in the islands, it’s common to see shades of coral, aqua, canary yellow, fuchsia and tangerine.

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